How to Set a Blog Icon or Favicon on Blogger

So, you want to set icon to your blog? Good!

Everyday millions of people start blogging and every google blog has same icon until they make changes.

Blogger default icon is good, in fact for me its best. But I like to set unique icon for my blog.

Like me, you also want set unique icon to your blog? Great! We think same.

Like me & you! Everyone like to use the custom icon, which fulfill their requirement.

Many blogger might hate red color but due to lack of knowledge they have to use that typical icon. For those who has lack of knowledge about creating and setting icon, for such blogger i wrote this post.

Setting Icon on Blog

You are the one? Great! So let get start.

Before moving forward I have a small request. Please keep image which you want to set as icon or favicon.

I assume, you keep image for making it icon for your blog.

  • Go to: Favicon Creator


  • Hit on choose file, then choose your image which you want to create as .ico image.(icon image)

Once done, then after some sec your image will be ready to download as .ico image, download it and keep it.

Now, go to blogger dashboard;

  • Blogger dashboard > Layout  > Favicon > Edit

After hitting on Edit, you will get one popup windows as configure favicon and it will ask to to choose file.

  • choose a .ico file which you downloaded earlier
  • Once done hit on save arrangement

Note: Blog can take few min for updating icon, so don’t worry about it, you have done it successfully.

Great, you have successfully set icon to your blog.

If you have any question/query about crating and setting favicon on blog, let me know about them contact me here.


How to Create Own Domain-name Email ID for Free

Welcome on BloggerXpert.Com. You are reading BloggingTricks category post.  In this post I’m going to guide you how to create own domain name email-id for free. will guide you all you need to know about blogging and lots you don’t.

Having own domain name Email-id is effective and impressive than that of public domain id. (Like @gmail, @yahoo etc.)

It’s good to have, it’s make good impression on reader or Email-receiver. People call it trusting mail id, they trust on such mail-id than others. Reader can visit back to your blog by seeing such domain name mail id in there inbox.

There are various custom domain name email service provider are available on internet among the verity following are best.

  • Gmail for Work
  • Godaddy

Gmail is best for any email service either public use or for using business or for own domain name.

For creating your own domain-name email-id you must have your domain registered, then and then only you can create your own domain-name Email id.

If you haven’t register your domain yet, please register it first. I recommend you to register your domain name on Godaddy.

  • Godaddy(0.01$/year)

If you register your domain but don’t know how to customize it on blogger. See my below post it will guide to step by step for using custom domain on blogger.

  • How to setup custom domain on blogger with godaddy

Creating Custom/Business Email-id with Gmail

First Step :

  • Go to Gmail For Work
  • Click On Get Started

Then you will get the for creating your account, fill the form completely.

Second Step :

In second step it will ask you to enter your registered domain name, if you already registered your domain name then click on first option. if not then you can also register your domain name with google using second option.

  • Choose First Option (If you have registered your domain)
  • Click On Next


Third Step :

In third step actual domain name email-id creation will began. it will ask you to enter your prefer name for creating id. (e.g.,

  • Choose name & password
  • Click on Accept and Sign in

  • Click on Next


You can create one or more mail id for your domain name. If you want to create more than one mail-id then click on next under the add people to your account section. There you can create multiple email-id for your specific domain.

  • Choose Add people to your google apps account 
  • Click on Start


In the final you have to verify your domain name, verify your domain name which you own and entered earlier.

In verification step gmail will automatically detect your domain name host, just you have to click on verity.

If you registered your domain name on Godaddy. Then after clicking on verify button one popup window will come and it will ask you to enter your User-name and Password of godaddy.

For Verification: 

  • Click on Verify
  • Enter Username and password of domain host account (e.g. Godaddy, HostGator etc.)
  • Once enter correct info, Verification Done


Once you enter correct information,your verification will successfully done. then you can ready to use your own domain name email id.

Please note that the gmail for work is free service only for one month after one month you have to pay for enjoying the service.

I hope you understand it will. if you still having any question/query then please let me know about then through comment. you can contact me here.

How to Hide/Remove “Show all post with label” Message on Blogger

In google blog when you click on particular label which you have create then the “Show all post with label” message will come along with post which is tag by that label.

Like ME, most of the blogger don’t like that message. For those who want to hide/remove that message this post will guide to for hiding it. This can be done by placing  simple few line of code within your template. Let see which are those few line.

Do you know How to set custom domain and How to use template on blogger? Don’t know. Okay! Read my below post it will guide you.

  • How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger
  • How to Install Template on Blogger

Excite to see those few line for hiding that message. Please follow below steps, all are mandatory.

Hide/Remove “Show all post by label”

  • Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard
  • Step 2: Click on Template and then Click on EDIT
  • Step 3: Hit anywhere inside template and search below code, use CTRL+F for search.

            <b:includable id=’status-message’>

  • Step 4: You will get similar screen shot like below, then click on left side arrow.


  • Step 5: After clicking on arrow similar screen will appear like below.


  • Step 6: Remove all code which shown in above image, and replace it with below code.

<b:includable id=’status-message’>

<b:if cond=’data:navMessage’>



<div style=’clear: both;’/>



Following screen shot shows replacement of new code  instead of old one.


  • Step 7: Click on Save Template

All done. If you have any question/query about this post or having any questions and query about blogging then let me know about them contact me here.